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What is Renters Insurance?

A renters insurance policy provides coverage to replace your belongings should something happen to your personal property, such as theft, vandalism, or fire. Some renters mistakenly assume that if something happens, they can file a claim with their landlord. Landlord’s insure their own property and tenants need to insure with a renters insurance policy

  • What Branch Renters Covers

Generally, renters insurance covers the cost to repair or replace your personal property (inside and outside the rental unit). Personal property is everything from your furniture to your clothes to your electronics.

  • Additional Living Expenses

Some policies may also offer additional living expenses which can cover the temporary costs of living at another location if your unit is left uninhabitable after an unexpected event.

Similar to home insurance, renters insurance provides liability coverage. Liability coverage covers things like legal costs and medical expenses for non-family members who are accidentally hurt on your property.

The amount of coverage available to cover these costs will depend on the claim, policy coverage limits, and whether your policy offers replacement cost value or actual cash value coverage.

  • What Renters Insurance Doesn’t Cover

Renters insurance is limited by the coverage you select and policy details, such as how much personal property coverage you bought. Let’s say you chose $10,000 in Personal Property coverage and a $100 deductible. This means you are covered for losses up to $10,000, minus you paying for the first $100 out of pocket.  So if your $500 TV is stolen, you would receive $400.

Typically, renters policies cover losses from fire, theft, and most vandalism. However, similar to home insurance policies, not every type of weather event is covered. For example, damage from earthquakes or flooding will likely require the purchase of a separate policy.

Special items, such as firearms, expensive jewelry, or a rare coin collection, also requires additional coverage since primary renters insurance may not be enough to cover the replacement value or to cover those items when they are not at the rental address.

  • Selecting a Branch Policy

Select the right Branch Renters Insurance for your situation, determine how much personal property coverage you need by taking inventory of your belongings. Assign a value to each item based on how much it would cost to replace the item if it was destroyed.

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